Lorenz Snow Blowers

Lorenz offers five series of snow blowers, including a hydraulic drive, ranging from 4 feet wide to 9 feet wide.  They mount on the rear 3-point of most sizes of farm tractors.  They are intended for general farm use, however they are designed to withstand industrial and commercial use too.  All four blower models are of the two-stage type.  Each has two augers and a fan.  The augers are driven with heavy roller chain.  The augers are made with paddles that break up the snow for easier feeding into the blower.  These paddles are very effective, especially when blowing hard snow or snow that has been moved once already.  The drives are protected by shear pin assemblies.  All models have replaceable cutting edges that are made from abrasion resisting material.

resizeThe 30 series blower is available in the model 430(4 ft. width) and is designed for tractors up to 40 HP.  The 430 has a 26 in. fan housing and two 11 in. diameter augers.  They use a 540 RPM PTO and a Cat I three point hitch.

530aThe 310 series blowers are designed for tractors up to 40 HP.  There are three models in this series, the 5310 (5 ft working width), 6310 (6 ft working width), and 7310 (7 ft working width).  All three models have a 24 in. fan housing, 11 in. diameter top augers, and 15 in. bottom augers.  All three models use a 540 RPM PTO and a Cat I three point hitch.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe 38 series blowers are designed medium sized tractors with a maximum of 100 HP.  There are two models in the 38 series line.  The 738(7 ft wide) and the 838(8 ft wide).  All models have two 14 inch augers and a 30 inch diameter fan.  They use a  Cat II three point hitch and require a 540 RPM PTO. The end plates are 3/16 in. thick.  Standard equipment includes a hydraulic spout rotating kit, PTO shaft, and all pins.  The  838 can be fitted with four skid shoes instead of the standard two.

80The 80/90 series are the largest blowers available from Lorenz.  They are available in four models, the 8001(8 ft wide, 540 PTO), 9001(9 ft wide, 540 PTO), 8101(8 ft wide 1000 PTO), and 9101(9 ft wide, 1000 PTO).  The end plates are 1/4 in. thick.  The fan is 32″ diameter for both 540 RPM and 1000 RPM.  The augers are 20″ diameter, and are protected by a shear bolt near the chain coupler.  Standard equipment includes the hydraulic spout turn, spline PTO shaft and all pins.

6610The Newest offerings from Lorenz are these hydraulic motor driven blowers for use on skid steers.  They are available with five different sizes of hydraulic motor for different flow rates from 14-24 gal/min. These machines are available in two sizes, 5.5 ft and 6.5 ft.  Both machines use a 24 in. fan, 11 in. top auger, and 15 in. bottom auger.