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A few years back I bought an Imants spader from George Leidig of Autrusa. What a great experience it was! The machine has performed beyond expectations and as for George, the owner, I can’t say enough. He is a wonderful person with integrity, honesty, and knowledge second to none (he is a wealth of information). George delivers what he promises.

~ Phil Depaulis
Garden State Nursery, Chesterfield, NJ

Our Imants spading machine is all that George Leidig said it would be. I’ll admit that we were all skeptical of the claims that it would go down 20″ deep in our Georgia clay, but it did just that. With the power harrow attachment, we were literally able to make a brand new bed ready for planting in new ground in just one pass. Quite amazing feat of human agricultural engineering!

~ Robert Tate
University of Georgia, Athens, GA

These guys are awesome! I initially purchased a Carraro SRX-8400 orchard tractor, but when that wasn’t suited for my needs, George found me a buyer for my tractor and sold me a Carraro TTR-9400 which is perfect, the most amazing tractor for working steep terrain. I’ve always been taken aback by how immediate their attention is when I need parts or advice, and by their eagerness to fix me up, and they almost always follow through to make sure I’m a satisfied customer – which I am. Thanks George and Ross!!!

~ Anders Pytte

The service and equipment provided by George is outstanding. The Imants spader is an unbelievable piece of equipment that every grower should look at as a important tillage tool. George is a very down to earth person that stands behind his product.

~ Wade MacFarland
Rivendell Nursery, Greenwich, NJ

I have purchased a number of products from Autrusa since 2003. The recommendations that George has given to us through the years has been very accurate and has eliminated the need for us to spend extensive time searching for the right products. They are very courteous and prompt with the service and parts that they provide. They are a true credit to the composting industry.

~ Gregg Twehues
Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, Pocantico Hills, New York

In 2006 we purchased a Pazzaglia FZ-110 tree digger from George at Autrusa. The machine itself is a joy to work with. Very well engineered and due to it’s small footprint and blade adaptability is very efficient and cost effective. The digger has also performed very well in the Long Island soil. The real benifit for myself and the nursery though, has been the exceptional level of service provided by George and Autrusa. The learning curve with the new equipment was greatly flattened by George’s accessibility and attention to detail. I look forward to a long, growing relationship with George and highly recommend his products and services.

~ Keith Scott Morton – owner
Old Orchard Nursery, Orient, Long Island NY

George and I have worked together on many projects. His work and products are top notch. He always strives to give great service at a fair price.

~ Charlie Fitzgerald
Grass Management, Inc., Coatesville, PA

Our company purchased a Carraro SRX8400 and Wifo Forklift from Autrusa to increase productivity in our vineyard without sacrificing valuable land or product quality.

All we can say is wow !

The machines have performed far beyond even our high expectations. Productivity has increased during the growing season and especially at harvest reducing labor cost, increasing daily harvest yield all without sacrificing any quality.

George’s service is what every buyer hopes for but seldom receives, always just a phone call or email away. Autrusa provides dealer value way beyond the purchase point.

I know that when we have machinery needs George and Autrusa will be the first vendor we call.

~ Anthony W. Mangus
Historic Hopewell Vineyards, Oxford,PA

George serves as both my equipment/parts supplier and as an advisor. He is courteous and knowledgeable. I have purchased many machines from him such as an Imants spader and CMC compost turner and would not be without them. It’s a real service to have a dealer that really supports the product. I recommend his company without reservation.

~ Ellen Polishuk
Potomac Vegetable Farms, Purcellville, VA

I have had the pleasure to know and work with George and Autrusa for many years. Several years ago I traveled with George to Italy to visit a huge ag equipment show, tour the Antonio Carraro tractor plant and the Pazzaglia nursery equipment factory. We are a specialty nursery looking to maximize our production per acre. George has been very helpful not only supplying and servicing the Carraro tractor and Imants spader we purchased, he has followed up with advise and insight to help us change our horticultural practices. I have found Autrusa to be only a phone call away when any need has arisen. I would be happy to supply anyone a reference, call 610-869-3883

~ Bill H Wells
Water Crest Farms Nursery, West Grove, PA

I greatly appreciate George Leidig and Autrusa for their products and services. George’s knowledge of compost and soil building has been invaluable.

~ Phil Foster
Foster Ranch, San Juan Bautista, CA

It has been a joy to work with George and Autrusa over the 8 years since we started our nursery. The investment in both the Imants Spader and the Pazzaglia tree digger have allowed the nursery to streamline and organize many tasks into few, saving time and labor so as to allow us more precious time for the hard part of attending to our customers. We are always checking in with George regarding what is new and exciting.

~ Sam Smith – Nursery Manager
Trent Hill Nursery, Lothian, Md.

We have done business with Autrusa and George for over 12 years. He has always delivered quality products and parts as promised and at a reasonable price. We are especially impressed with our Imants Spading Machine and Rotovator. Our spading machine is almost 15 years old and still works as good as the day we bought it. It is an integral part of our tillage system and we highly recommend it to anyone who needs a machine to handle primary and secondary tillage in one pass.

~ Chris Ruske – Owner
Cumberland Nurseries, Millville, NJ

George of Autrusa delivers on all that he promises. We have purchased numerous pieces of equipment from him such as an Imants spader and several Pazzaglia digging machines, and we are very pleased with them all. His service and innovative equipment have helped our nursery increase quality while decreasing costs.

~ Ed Tankard – Owner
Tankard Nurseries, Exmore, Virginia

George Leidig and Autrusa do not merely peddle iron. The sale of equipment is just the beginning rather than the end as is typical of most equipment dealers. After purchasing a compost turner George became my consultant for making high quality compost and was all part of the price of the purchase of the machine. He has always been accessible, knowledgeable and friendly qualities that small business owners need from their suppliers.

~ Ned Foley – Owner
TPA Composting, Royersford,PA

The speciality equipment available from Autrusa Enterprises will save companies time and money by improving efficiency. I appreciate and respect George as a supplier because he understands good farming practices as well as nursery production. This enables him to provide equipment that not only fits the application but ultimately exceeds expectations.

~ Greg Elwell – Sales Manager
J. Frank Schmidt Nursery, Boring, Oregon

It is unlikely I will ever receive better service from a supplier. Although the equipment sold by George rarely needs attention, when the need has arisen, I get resolution as fast as would seem reasonably possible…and my expectations are high.

George does not represent manufacturers that make his job difficult. The equipment is well engineered, well built and functional in all respects. Those of us who do not have access to the European manufacturing community are indeed fortunate to have George and his organization to rely on for profit boosting opportunities not available from U.S. manufacturers.

~ Jerry Faulring – Owner
Waverly Farm, Adamstown, MD

I have known George at Autrusa for many years and the products that he sells such as the Imants spader and CMC compost turner are an integral part of my organic farm operation His knowledge of compost, soil building, and equipment are a valuble asset to my company and his service is always prompt and efficient. Whenever I have questions about compost or equipment he is always very helpful and a pleasure to work with.

~ Pat Herbert
Herbert Family Organic Farm, Hollister, CA