Used Equipment

More Detailed information, photos, and pricing available upon request.

Antonio Carraro TTR-4400
2009 Antonio Carraro TTR-4400 38 Hp, compact bi-directional tractor with a Hydrostatic transmission. This TTR is equipped with front and rear Cat-1 3pt hitches, 4 auxiliary hydraulic outlets, a two speed rear PTO (540/1000), and a three range gearbox. The TTR-4400 is a compact tractor designed for light farming use, and utility work. The tractor only has 808 hours on it. $16,500

Ferri MHD-250 bi-directional flail mower 8′ 3″ working width with heavy-duty Y flails, and hydraulic side-shift. Cuts grass and brush up to 3” diameter. Requires a tractor with 540 PTO and minimum 70hp. $7000

Ferri MTR-180 push mount flail mower 6 ft working width with Y flails and hydraulic side shift. Requires tractor with minimum 40hp and 540 PTO. $5000

Ridder Ditcher model TK45
PTO powered ditching machine, digs drainage trenches in fields up to 18” wide and 18” deep.  Can also be used for forming raised beds.  Requires tractor with 60 to 80hp, 3 pt. hitch, 540PTO, and slow forward gear.   Purchased in 2012 and used only twice, kept inside and in like new condition. $4000

Ryan LA28 Aeratorla28
Commercial grade self propelled aerator.  The Ryan LA28 will aerate a 28″ wide path with each pass.  It is equipped with a Subaru/Robin air cooled gasoline motor for reliable operation. $1500

Veri-Core Aerator
Crankshaft operated coring aerator with a 6 ft. working width. The Verti-core requires a 50 hp tractor with a 540 PTO. The Verti-Core is a great tool for rehabing turf fields and improving drainage. $7500

Imants 35FE150RH Spader with power harrow
5ft working width, working depth adjustable from 7” to 14“. Requires minimum 40hp tractor with 540 PTO and 1st gear under 1mph. $5500

Perfect MD 300 Orchard/Vineyard Mower Rotary cutting mower with two swinging arms for mowing in between rows. Mowing width adjustable from 6’ to 10’ and requires tractor with minimum 50 hp and 540 PTO. $9500

CMC ST-250 tractor-pulled compost turner Turns windrow 8ft wide at the base x 4ft high (up to 1200yds3/hr). Requires minimum 50Hp tractor with 540 PTO and creeper gear or hydro transmission. $15,000

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