Used Equipment

More Detailed information, photos, and pricing available upon request.

Imants Shockwave 210
PTO driven de-compactor for heavily compacted turf.  The Shockwave 210 uses 8 banks of knives to cut into and decompact soil in established turf without excessive damage to the turf.  7′ working width, 5-10″ working depth. Requires 45-60 Hp and a 540 RPM PTO.  

Ridder Ditcher model TK4520150218_161656
PTO powered ditching machine, digs drainage trenches in fields up to 18” wide and 18” deep.  Can also be used for forming raised beds.  Requires tractor with 60 to 80hp, 3 pt. hitch, 540PTO, and slow forward gear.   Purchased in 2012 and used only twice, kept inside and in like new condition.

Ryan LA28 Aeratorla28
Commercial grade self propelled aerator.  The Ryan LA28 will aerate a 28″ wide path with each pass.  It is equipped with a Subaru/Robin air cooled gasoline motor for reliable operation.

Veri-Core Aerator
Crankshaft operated coring aerator with a 6 ft. working width. The Verti-core requires a 50 hp tractor with a 540 PTO. The Verti-Core is a great tool for rehabing turf fields and improving drainage

Antonio Carraro TTR-9400
84 Hp bi-directional tractor with 16 speed transmission and electronically controlled gear splitter (32 foreward and 32 reverse speeds). Designed for mowing and haying on steep hills, the TTR-9400 has a wide stable chassis with a low center of gravity. This tractor comes with six auxiliary hydraulic couplings, a cat 2 three point hitch, and a two-speed PTO (540/540E).

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