logo_neuHatzenbichler is an Austrian company founded in 1952 that manufactures flex tine harrows, grass combs, and seeders.  Hatzenbichler’s machines are very well built, and well engineered.  All of their machines are made in Austria at the home factory to ensure every single machine is built to their exacting standards.

Hatzenbichler Flex-Tine Harrowsharrow_3_1_

Hatzenbichler Flex-tine Harrows are an excellent tool for prepping and maintaining grassy areas.  They are great for incorporating compost, sand, and other soil amendments.  They can also be used for weed control, dethatching, and aeration.  Available with either a mechanical or pneumatic seeder, they can be used for seeding and over-seeding.  The Harrow tines are mounted on flexible sections, and angle adjustable to adapt to any terrain.  Hatzenbichler harrows mount to Cat I and Cat II three point hitches.

Hatzenbichler Grassland CombsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 Hatzenbichler grass land combs are a great tool for cleaning up grass lands and prepping them for seeding without plowing.  A Hatzenbichler seeder can be mounted on them for easy one pass grass land renovation.

Hatzenbichler Mechanical Seeding  Machines

Hatzenbichler “Exactor” seeders are an economical way to spread seed.  They are available in 4-10 ft widths.  They can be mounted to either a Hatzenbichler Harrow, or other implement, such as an Imants spader.

Hatzenbichler Pneumatic Seeding Machines

Hatzenbichler Air seeders are a more accurate and precise way to sow seeds. They are offered in a range of three sizes up to 24 feet wide.  They can also be mounted to a Hatzenbichler Harrow or an Imants spader.HatzenbichlerVertikator_mit__ir_02