Turf Equipment

At Autrusa we sell a complete line of turf care equipment.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, please call 610-754-1110 ext 1


Imants turf 

Imants Shockwave

The Shockwave rotary decompactors are a great tool for high traffic areas such as sports fields, and grassy areas that get used as temporary parking lots.  They can work down as far as 21 in. and have working widths from 40 – 98 in.


Imants Rotoknife

The Rotoknife is a fast slitting aerator with a working width of 75 inches and a cutting depth of 4 -6 in.  The Rotoknife is a good tool for breaking up thatch, and for root control.


Imants RootPruner

The Rootpruner is capable of cutting through roots up to 4 in. in diameter.  It is the perfect tool for removing roots from under cart paths, walk ways, and landscape planters.


Koro FieldTopMaker

The FieldTopMaker is a Fraise mower that is capable of removing surface thatch and weeds, or shaving off and mulching the entire top two inches of a sports field and leaving it ready for fresh sod.  The side mounted conveyor removes debris directly into a trailer for easy cleanup.


Imants Penetrometer

The Penetrometer is a simple tool for checking soil compaction.  It offers a quick and easy way to check to see if you need to do any decompaction work on your soil.  Overly compacted soil will lack  oxygen for the micro-organisms that live in the soil and break down nutrients that the plants need to grow.  Plant roots will not grow as well in very compact soil.  Using an Imants Penetrometer will let you know when it’s time to take what steps are needed in order to grow healthy turf.



For more information or any questions, please contact us at, 610-754-1110 or email: sales@autrusa.com