TTR Infinity

The TTR Infinity from Antonio Carraro brings a whole new dimension to the venerable TTR line of tractors by adding a hydrostatic transmission.  The TTR has always been a great mowing tractor for hilly terrain with a high ground clearance and wide stance. Now with a constantly variable hydrostat, mowing, haying, and any other operations become much easier. No more need to use the clutch pedal to reverse direction or stop. The TTR Infinity comes with a 74 hp Kohler turbo diesel mated to an infinitely variable hydrostat and a two speed manual transmission. This tractor combines all the advantages of the TRH/SRH with the ground clearance, stability, and comfort of the TTR Ergit 100 tractor. It comes with an extra wide work station with excellent lines of sight that can be enclosed into a full cab for extra comfort. Tested and proven in the Swiss Alps, the TTR infinity is arguably the safest tractor built today on steep slopes. The TTR infinity is designed to be as stable and safe in all terrain. With an extra wide track width and available dual wheels, these tractors can be set up to be wider than they are tall. The hydrostatic transmission also helps with stability on hills by keeping the tractor in gear at all times. You never have to shift gears or even push in the clutch pedal on a steep hill, and the hydrostat will stop the tractor when you let off the accelerator even on the steepest hills.

  • Reversible work station
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Programmable electronic speed control
  • Four-Wheel-Drive
  • Four wheel internal disc brakes
  • Extra wide cab
  • 540/540E PTO
  • Cat.2 three point hitch with 5300 lb capacity