TTR Ergit 100

The ultimate mowing tractor from Antonio Carraro!  Wide, Low, and Powerful!  The reversible extra wide track TTR is special made for mowing.  If you have steep terrain, or rough ground, you won’t find a better tractor for mowing.  The TTR has a low center of gravity, wide track, and tight turning radius to make it very stable on the trickiest of ground.
A stable tractor is great, but you also need enough power to do the job.  The TTR delivers on this front too.  With engine options up to 99 hp, you can operate a very powerful mower just about anywhere you want.  Antonio Carraro offers three engine options with the TTR depending on what your needs are.  For most municipalities, sports field maintenance, and anywhere efficiency is more important than power, they offer the TTR-7800 with a 71 Hp diesel motor.  If you have BIG hills, a heavy mower, or just need more power, The TTR-10900 is the best option.  The TTR-10900 comes equipped with a 99 Hp turbo diesel mated like all of the TTR models, to a 32 speed transmission (16 forward, 16 Reverse)ttr2

The Chassis on the TTR comes with the Same oscillation joint as all of the Carraro tractors to allow the front and rear axles to pivot independently for improved traction on rough ground.  Like all of the Ergit 100 series tractors the TTR comes standard with 4WD, and lockable differentials.  The part that sets the TTR apart from the rest of the Carraro line is the  extra wide stance, and higher ground clearance.  With duel wheels fitted to each corner, the TTR is actually wider than it is tall, and has a very low center of gravity.  There are many tire options as well to tailor the tractor to your specific needs.

The TTR is the only tractor available from Carraro with the extra wide, air conditioned ” Extra Comfort” cab.