TRH 9800

35165The TRH 9800 is the top hydrostatic tractor from Antonio Carraro.  The TRH is very compact, powerful, efficient, versatile, and safe.  It is designed for use in nurseries, vineyards, orchards, and for ground maintenance use in hilly terrain such as ski slopes and mountainous regions.  The TRH is a powerful, yet economical tool with many uses.   Some of the main features of the TRH include:

  • An 87 Hp Yanmar turbo diesel engine
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Reversible operators station
  • 4WD
  • Oscillation joint between the front and rear axles
  • Front biased weight distribution
  • Hydro-electrically locking differentials
  • Optional heated and air-conditioned cab
  • Optional variable electronic speed control

The TRH, like all Antonio Carraro tractors, is designed for operation on rough and hilly ground.  The low center of gravity, 4WD, hydraulically locked differentials, and neutral weight balance, make them very stable especially when there is an implement mounted to the three point hitch.  These tractors can be operated on steep hills, and are excellent for hay making, nursery/orchard/vineyard spraying, mowing, and most turf maintenance operations.

Another advantage of the TRH over other similarly powered tractors is the size.  The TRH 9800 has an 87 Hp Yanmar turbo diesel, yet is only 84″ tall and 55″ wide.  The compact size combined with the sleek body shape means less damage to crops and tighter row spacing.

Antonio Carraro tractors come with a central oscillation joint behind the front axle that allows the front axle to pivot 15º laterally for safer operation on uneven ground, and much better traction on undulating surfaces.

The Optional air-conditioned StarLight cab makes the TRH very comfortable to operate for long periods.  The fully enclosed cab makes mowing and spraying operations safer, quieter, and more comfortable.  No more bugs, grass clippings,  pollen, or over spray of dangerous chemicals.  Combined with the optional joystick controls and pneumatic suspension seat, the TRH with a StarLight cab is a very nice place to spend time working.

The rest of the option list for a TRH is extensive and includes many useful features such as:

  • Front Bull bar
  • Front ballast
  • Hydraulic rear suspension
  • Up to 11 accessory hydraulic couplings 
  • Front three point lift
  • Rear wheel weights
  • A reverse flow fan to keep the radiator clean during operation around heavy dust ( great for mowing)
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