SRH 9800 Infinity

SRHon hillThe SRH 9800 Infinity is the newest hydrostatic transmission tractor from Antonio Carraro.  Antonio Carraro started with their proven SRX articulated chassis and an 87 hp Yanmar turbo diesel, and added a high-pressure Hydrostat paired with a new two speed manual transmission in the new SRH infinity to make it easier to use, more comfortable, and more reliable.  
The SRX articulated tractor has always been an incredibly versatile tractor with a reversible operator station, 4wd, equal sized tires, and lockable differentials.  The infinity transmission only adds to the ability of this tractor.

The first thing you notice when you see the new SRX infinity tractor is the lack of a gear shift lever.  The two speed transmission does not require the large centrally located gear selector found on most other Carraro tractors.  This makes it easier to get in and out of the SRH especially when fitted with the optional cab.

SRH rearactio