SRX-7900 R

SRX-7600 RThe SRX 7900 R is a reversible station, articulated tractor designed for working in narrow spaces.  The New R series tractors from Antonio Carraro represent the latest technology and innovations.  The SRX has always been an articulated narrow tractor for use in vineyards, orchards, and nurseries.

The R series is not a complete redesign but an improvement on a the proven SRX-9800.  The SRX-7900R receives a new standard joystick for better control.  The joystick is proportional and had more available features than the previous model.  The cab on the R series is also upgraded with an available pressurized, Category 4 spray cab, which can be fitted with active carbon filters to make the cab safer and more comfortable for the operator. 

The biggest change in the SRX-7900R is the new Tier 4 Kubota diesel engine making 75 Hp.  Although the engine is tier 4 compliant, it does not require DEF fluid.  The new engine is based off the engine from the previous model but includes an exhaust filter and catalyzer, to reduce emissions.  The reduced emissions is a welcome improvement when working in greenhouses and other less well ventilated areas. 

The SRX is a reversible station tractor, meaning the seat and steering console can be rotated to face either direction so the tractor can be driven in both directions, without the operator looking over their shoulder all day.  With the seat facing the engine the tractor can be used like a traditional tractor for spraying, or tilling.  When the seat is reversed and facing the rear, the tractor can be fitted with front mount implements such as a forklift, trimmer, or mower.  in reverse position, the tractor offers a great view over the implement, and better control when operating around delicate crops.