Mach 4


The Mach 4 is the best tractor for the worst conditions.  The four independent tracks allow each track to contour to the ground for unbeatable traction and stability.  The Mach 4 uses a proven articulated chassis from the new R Series line of tractors.

Same of the features of the Mach 4 include:

  • Articulated chassis
  • Four independent tracks
  • Reversible operator station
  • 4WD
  • A mid chassis oscillation joint
  • 75 Hp Kubota turbo diesel
  • 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds
  • 540/540E two speed PTO 
  • Lockable front and rear differentials
  • Standard rear cat II 3 point hitch with up to 11 auxiliary hydraulic couplings
  • Optional front 3 point hitch and PTO
  • Optional air conditioned cab

4wd Quad track advantages

The same features that make all Antonio Carraro tractors the best at what they do, are enhanced by the quad track design of the Mach 4.  The tracks allow the Mach 4 to work in conditions most other tractors would not be able to.  The aggressive lugged tracks and 4WD will give you great traction for working in mud, snow, soft loose silt, and sand.  Another advantage of the track system is greater weight distribution on the ground for reduced soil compaction.  The quad-track design with more than 2400 square inches of ground contact on the tracks, reduces ground pressure to less than 3 psi.