TGF Ergit 100

ros-carraro-ergit-100-series-tgf-10400-tractorThe TGF series tractors are a low profile tractor ideally suited for working in tight narrow rows or inside low buildings. The TGF series offers what professional growers want—simple, dependable power at a very attractive price. This high horsepower tractor can be used in the steepest conditions or on flat ground and convinces with its incredible traction. Available with either a 89hp  turbo diesel or a 99hp turbo diesel engine mated to a 16 speed manual gearbox and fourwheel drive. The TGF series tractor is available with two great airconditioned cab options. The low profile, pressurized “protector 100″ cab is perfect for spraying operations, and is also designed not to catch on vegetation. The other optional cab is the “Starlight cab”. Which features a wide 360° view, noise reduction technology, and much more. The TGF with protector cab is perfect for using in chicken houses where low clearance and a sealed cab is required. Although the TGF cab is low profile, there is plenty of room for drivers well over 6′ tall.