SRX 7800

The SRX is a reversible articulated narrow tractor engineered for the vineyard, orchard, and nursery industries. With an overall width of less than 42 inches, a short wheel base, and an articulated chassis, make the SRX one of the most maneuverable tractors you’ll ever use. built around the same drive train found in the TRX and other Ergit 100 series tractors, it comes with a 16 speed transmission and an 71 Hp diesel engine.
Unlike some of the competitors tractors, the SRX doesn’t sacrifice safety and stability in the pursuit of narrow row spacing. The SRX has a low center of gravity, 4WD, and a comfortable cab which help make it one of the safest vineyard tractors available. Like all of the Antonio Carraro tractors, the SRX has an oscillation joint between the front axle and the rear to increase traction on uneven ground.

SRX narrow SRX articulate