Antonio Carraro Tractors

Antonio Carraro S.p.A. is a family owned tractor company based in Northern Italy, and has been in business since 1910.  They have been making innovative specialty tractors for the orchard, vineyard  and grounds maintenance industries since the 1960s.  Antonio Carraro tractors are designed for use on steep inclines and hilly terrain as well as flat ground.  All Carraro tractors feature four wheel drive, low centers of gravity and great weight distribution. 

TR-7600 TR 7600 Infinity

 This 74 HP hydrostatic tractor is the work horse of the AC line. With a two speed transmission, and Hydrostatic drive, this tractor has the power to take on the most demanding jobs.  The Hydrostatic drive allows shifting from forward to reverse quickly and easily, and results in smoother operation.  The reversible operator station makes the TR 7600 Infinity is ideal for mowing, spraying, plowing, and much more.  With a long list of options including an air-conditioned cab, up to sixteen hydraulic quick couplings, two optional joysticks and more, the TR 7600 can be ordered to fit your specific needs.

TTR-7600TTR 7600 Infinity

The TTR 7600 Infinity tractors are the most stable and safest Antonio Carraro tractors.  These reversible, hydrostatic tractors have the widest track, and highest ground clearance available.  The TTR infinity is designed specifically for mowing grass on extreme slopes.  These tractors can be equipped with the Extra Comfort cab designed to keep you comfortable in the harshest of conditions.  The Extra Comfort cab offers the best visibility of all the Carraro cabs to make mowing in tight areas easier.  The TTR 7600 Infinity comes with a 74 Hp turbo diesel engine with a hydrostatic transmission mated to a 2 speed gearbox. 

R series

SRX-7900 R All new R series from Antonio Carraro represents the future of compact tractors. These tractors replace the 100 series tractors with new, more user friendly features, quieter engines, and safer cabs. The R series includes two reversible models, the articulated SRX-7900R, and front steer TRX-7900R, and the fixed-station front steer TGF-7900R. All of the R series models come with a 75 Hp turbo diesel engine and a 16 speed transmission. These engines, while they offer the improved efficiency and reduced emissions of a Tier 4 engine, do not require DEF fluid. The R series is available with sealed and pressurized spray cabs for improved safety and comfort. Antonio Carraro also introduces a new generation joystick with more control and better ergonomics with this series of tractors.

Ergit 100 TGF SeriesTGF-10900

The TGF series tractors are a low profile tractor ideally suited for working in tight narrow rows or inside low buildings. They offers what professional growers want—simple, dependable power at a very attractive price.  This high horsepower tractor can be used in steep terrain or flat ground and convinces with its incredible traction.  Available with either a 70, 75, or 89 hp turbo diesel engine mated to a 16 speed manual gearbox and four-wheel drive.  The TGF series tractor is available with two great airconditioned cab options including the low profile, pressurized “protector 100” cab available with in a category 4 rated version. 

Mach 4RMach4

The Mach 4 is the ultimate in traction and stability. Articulated, tracked, and equipped with a reversible operator station. The combination of the oscillation joint, articulated chassis and independently pivoting tracks, ensure that you will always have traction. Four rubber tracks spread the weight of the tractor out over more surface area which reduces soil compaction. The Mach 4 is available with a 75 Hp turbo diesel motor and a 32 speed Transmission. The option list includes an air-conditioned cab, cruise control, proportional joy stick, front PTO, and up to eleven hydraulic quick couplings.

TRX 5800 Series

The TRX series tractors are designed to satisfy the needs of growers with specialized crops, especially those in narrow rows, but this model is multi-functional for a wide range of uses. The TRX series features a reversible operators station, four wheel drive, and an optional air-conditioned cab.  TRX tractors are equipped with a 50 Hp engine, coupled to a 32 speed gearbox ensuring you will always have plenty of power for the job.

Ergit 100 SX Series


The same versatility as the TRX, but ARTICULATED.  The SRX adds a tighter turning radius and greater agility to the TRX line with the same great options list.


TTR 4400 HST


The TTR4400HST is a small agile tractor designed for easy comfortable use with an ergonomic seating position and a hydrostatic drive.  It features a powerful 38hp diesel motor and a reversible operators station.  The standard Cat.1 three point hitch and 540 PTO give the TTR 4400 a big advantage over the competition.  Small size and big power coupled with this tractors low noise make it perfect for use in city parks, recreation areas, or for any landscaping job.

SP 5008


The SP5008 is a specialized tractor designed specifically for municipalities, campuses, and parks.  A permanently reversed work station, and large cab make the tractor easy to get into and comfortable to operate.  The SP5008 comes with a 46hp diesel engine, standard heated and air conditioned cab, and standard joystick.
The SP-5008 uses an articulated chassis, and hydrostatic drive mounted to a three speed manual gearbox.  4WD with locking differentials are standard.

T Major seriesT-major

The most affordable tractors in the Antonio Carraro line.  T Major series tractors offer compact size with great features. two optional 50hp  or 56hp diesel Engines, and a 12 speed gearbox offer plenty of power.  The T Major series tractors are designed for use on the most rugged terrain.  A low center of gravity, high power to weight ratio, and an optional articulated chassis make these tractors great for any job.

Tigercar 5800

The Tigercar 5800 is a heavy duty hauler in a compact size.  As a member of the T-Major family of tractors it offers a 8 speed transmission with a powerful 50 Hp diesel engine in a compact 4WD chassis.  The Tigercar comes with a 94″x 59″ hydraulically operated dump bed with a 5000 Lb capacity which can be tilted to either side or to the rear for easy spreading and placement of materials.  Multiple tire options and an available heated cab allow the Tigercar to be operated safely and comfortably in any environment.