Shaver Stump Grinders

shaver_web_296x196_Stumpbuster_overallShaver manufactures two models of stump grinder, The SC-25 and the SC-50. Shaver grinders are built to last with rugged frame construction, and simple designs.  both models are available with a three point tractor mount or a skidsteer mount.  The tractor mounted machines use a 540 PTO drive while the skid steer units are hydraulic drive.  Both size machines can grind up to a 45 inch diameter stump.

The SC-25 is designed for use on a small tractor between 15-35 hp with a cat I hitch.  Shaver uses a 24 inch cutting disk on the SC-25 and will cut down to 10 inches below the ground.  

The heavier SC-50 is built for use on a 34-100 hp tractor with a cat II hitch.  The larger 34 inch cutting wheel adds a large amount of cutting power to the SC-50 to make this machine capable of grinding up even the hardest stumps in minutes.  The SC-50 can grind down to 12 inches below ground.


We are open! We are considered a life sustaining business in Pennsylvania so we will remain open. We have a large inventory of replacement parts in stock as well as new machinery available for immediate delivery. If you have any questions we can still be reached through email, phone, or our website. We are implementing measures to protect our employees and our customers, but will continue striving to provide fast courteous service as always.