Maschio rotary tillers


Maschio is an agriculture equipment manufacturer headquartered near Venice in north eastern Italy.  Over the past fifty years they have grown from a small local tiller shop to an international company with factories all over the world.  Maschio  manufactures an extensive line of Rotary tillers in working widths from 3.5 ft. to 19 ft.  They offer tillers for any size tractor from 10 – 300 Hp.

Maschio’s fixed tillers are strong, and simple. They come in a variety of sizes from 33 inches for use behind a 10-15 hp tractor, up to a 13 1/2 foot machine requiring a 250 hp tractor.  The simple and rugged design makes the Maschio fixed tillers reliable and simple to operate.  The smaller machines come equipped with a cat I 3pt hitch, a chain driven tiller shaft and a standard 540 PTO.  The larger machines use a rugged gear drive system, a cat II or III mount and a 1000 rpm PTO.

Maschio fixed smallMaschio foldingThe Maschio folding tillers are designed for larger operations where big tractors can pull wide tillers to cover large areas in a single pass.  The folding tillers are designed for use with tractors between 120 and 400 hp.  The smaller Puma model comes standard with a cat II 3pt hitch and a 1000 rpm PTO.  The Puma models come in four sizes for use with a 120-180 Hp tractor, The Larger Pantera models are designed for use behind a 160-300 hp tractor.  They come equipped with 1000 rpm PTO shafts and cat III hitches.