60 Series

Deep 7060250Z0

The 60 series machine is built to work to a depth of 24 inches, therefore eliminating the need to subsoil. This machine is used to break up compacted soil layers and to mix the soil thoroughly. The machine is popular for initial soil preparation of orchards, vineyards, nurseries and other perennial crops where proper compaction relief and drainage /aeration improvement is critical to healthy plant health.  Working depth down to 24”, working widths available from 5 to 9 feet.  Power requirements are approximately 12-15hp per working foot, and a creeper, hydro, or vario transmission is required along with a suitable 3-point lift capacity.  These models are used for primarily in vineyards and in orchard bed preparation, or in any application where a deep, one-pass seedbed is required.  This is the deepest working series that can be equipped with a power harrow


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