33 Series

The new 33 series Rotary spading machine is the latest generation of mid-sized spaders from Imants.  This series is based off of the tried and tested design of their larger, Revolution models featuring an integrated power harrow and uni-frame construction.   Imants rotary spaders are well known for their ability to beautifully prepare the soil while leaving an undamaged soil structure, which is fully decompacted and aerated.  For all-in-one primary tillage, incorporation and seed-bed preparation, the Imants rotary spader is in a class of its own.  It is for these reasons and more that soil spading is more efficient, economical, and superior to plowing

The 33 series is designed for mid-sized growers and tractors, but incorporates many features normally found only in much larger models.   Some of these standard features include:  easily accessible grease fittings, heavy-duty 1” (25 mm) welded SP spade arms, quick-change SX spades, large diameter power harrow,  a torque limiting clutch on the PTO, and a heavy duty gearbox. 
3D view 33SX_33sx series

Chart 33 ser


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