Pequea Spreaders

NV229842_0We carry the full line of Pequea spreaders.  These American made spreaders are manufactured to the highest standards, and built to last.  All Pequea spreaders are equipped with standard features like independent dual drive and a lifetime-guaranteed poly lumber floor to give you the utmost in dependable operation and durability. Separate controls operate the web and beaters and, as is true of all Pequea spreaders, they are equipped with “T-Rod” web chain, with three times the fatigue life of other chains. Other standard features include a patented top-wind swing away jack and pin hitch. Available in a range of sizes, Pequea has the spreader to meet your needs.

Compact spreaders

For the equine enthusiast or gentleman farmer Pequea’s model 25G to 80PTO manure spreaders demonstrate big abilities in a compact size. Easily maneuvered in tight spaces, these compact manure spreaders allow for in-stall loading, making clean out easy and efficient.  Eight aggressive beaters provide a wide, even spread pattern.


Manure Spreaders 

With up to a 175 bushel capacity, Pequea manure spreaders are designed to withstand the demands of today’s small farm. The manure spreader boxes are constructed of fully welded Cor-ten steel in 125 and 175 bushel capacity.  The large PTO model manure spreaders include 2 speed gearboxes, with a neutral and cleanout setting. Pequea manure spreader options include fine spread pans, top beaters, and hydraulic end gates. 


Poultry Litter spreaders

The SP Series Lime & Litter Spreaders are Pequea’s latest addition to their line of manure handling equipment. Offered in a variety of hopper lengths and either truck mount or tandem axle configurations, the Pequea spreaders bring up to 580 cubic foot hauling capacity along with several spreading options to match all material requirements.

Available features include:
-Truck mount or tandem axle configurations
-16’, 18’, 20’ and 22’ hopper lengths
-Up to 580 cubic foot hauling capacity
-Hydraulic flow controls for quick, fine-tuned adjustment of floor and spinner speeds
-Heavy duty 88k floor chain runs on lifetime
-Poly tongue and groove flooring
-Heavy duty 25” spinner discs ensure a smooth and consistent spread pattern

Turf spreaders

SuperSpread spreaders

Pequea SuperSpread™ units are built to last and are uniquely designed to evenly spread a wide variety of materials from aggregates to mulch. The “V” shaped body increases efficiency and provides greater maneuverability. Hydraulic controls adjust belt and spinner speeds to each job’s requirements. With a choice of three drive styles and three hopper sizes, green industry professionals will have the right equipment for their topdressing job.

The unique VSS System offers four delivery options for the SuperSpread™ making it the most versatile topdresser available.


The GT-50 is the newest product and the most compact top dresser in the Pequea Turf line. It comes standard with 9 HP Honda engine to provide ample, self-contained power to run the floor belt and the double spinner in the rear. The 14 cubic ft. bin is fully welded steel and is painted with tough urethane based paint to provide a maintenance free, long lasting finish that will look great for years. Two 24×13/12 turf tires offer minimal compaction even in soggy conditions. The remote controls enable the operator to activate the floor belt and the spinners from the seat of the tractor.


The GT-100 line from Pequea Turf has been tailor made for golf course management professionals. Fully adjustable gates, conveyor and spinners create precise spread depth and pattern. With the optional TURFtronic™ vehicle mount control system, you can make adjustments to the spread pattern as you work without stopping the machine or getting off your vehicle.
In addition to the GT-100, Pequea Turf offers the GT-100UVM™ that can be mounted on today’s premium utility vehicles. The unique quick mount system allows for easy vehicle installation and removal. Features include a fully adjustable conveyor, gate, and spinners for optimal spread width and depth. In addition, the optional TURFtronic™ controls provide in-vehicle adjustments to the pattern for a more efficient and greater controlled delivery of spread material.


The new FX650 Material Handler/Spreader boasts a wide variety of features to make it compatable for your application. The FX650 can not only move material to bunkers, irrigation and reconstruction projects, or serve as a tender for smaller topdressers, but it will also evenly spread all kinds of material up to 40 feet wide. This topdresser can carry over 6 yards of material, drastically cutting out labor and excess trips to and from your sand pile. The four large turf tires provide very low ground pressure and enable smooth and safe travel over uneven terrain. The box is fully welded 11 guage steel with a urethane based paint to provide a maintenance free, long lasting finish that will look great for years. Wireless remote controls enable the operator to access all hydraulic controls from the seat of the tractor!