Eurospand Spreaders

Eurospand spreaders are some of the highest quality spreaders available. Manufactured in Italy using innovative ideas in a market full of standard offerings. The Eurospand “David Fruit” model is a three point carried spreader with a 600-1000 L capacity. This duel spinner spreader has hydraulic remote controlled doors to control the angle and direction of your material. Eurospand uses a vibrating hopper instead of an agitator to protect the material. The vibrator in the hopper allows the material to feed into the spinners more evenly.

The “David Fruit” spreader is a small spreader with big capabilities, designed specifically for fruit growers and nurseries. Some unique features include the controllable doors that give the operator precise control to band material directly into the rows, A rubber mounted drivetrain to protect the gearbox and the tractor, and extensive use of Stainless steel in all parts and hardware that come in contact with materials

  • Stainless construction
  • Precise band control
  • Vibrating feed hopper
  • Compact size for vineyard, fruit, and nursery growers
  • Rubber mounted drivetrain
  • Easy micro adjustable

untitled spinners doors