EcoLawn Top Dresser

colorado-demo-a1-compost-_26The EcoLawn top dresser / compost spreader is a multipurpose motorized applicator intended for turf care professionals. The EcoLawn applicator can spread all kind of soil mixes with ease, including top soil, compost, composted manure, organic fertilizers, lime and sand. For top dressing, turf renovation, seeding with organic matter, or erosion control, the Ecolawn applicator can meet all your spreading/applicating needs.

The EcoLawn is now available in two sizes!  The ECO-150, The original EcoLawn top dresser, and the larger Eco-250.


The Eco-150 is a simple single disc broadcast spreader with a 11.5 cu ft. hopper, and a 5.5 Hp Honda gasoline engine.  The Eco-150 is designed for use in residential lawn care, and small commercial settings such as sports fields, or small public parks.


The Eco-250 is the latest design from EcoLawn.  It is larger, with a duel disc broadcaster.  It has four wheels instead of three for improved stability while maintaining the maneuverability of the Eco-150.  The Eco-250 uses the same reliable Honda engine as the Eco-150, and uses a re-designed 11.5 cu ft hopper to reduce bridging with heavier, wetter


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