Vineyard and Orchard equipment

Vineyard and OrchardOrchards and vineyards require specialized equipment to operate in narrow rows and, often on steep slopes. Also it is important to be able to operate safely with chemical pesticides.  We offer a wide range of specialized tractors, narrow mowers, light tillage equipment, and more.  

Introduced this year by Antonio Carraro we can now provide European cat-4 cabins on most of the Carraro tractor line.  cat-4 cabins are the highest rated protective cabs available.  They protect against dust, aerosol, and vapor with a combination of pressurization and active carbon filters.  The Cat-4 Protector cab on the TGF is a low profile cab designed specifically for spraying in vineyards and orchards where clearance is low between trees and trellises. If a Low profile cab is not required, most other Carraro tractors can be ordered with a Cat-4 cab.

Antonio Carraro’s specialized vineyard tractor, the SRH-infinity is a very versatile tractor with an extremely narrow articulated chassis, and a three stage hydro mechanical transmission. The SRH-infinity comes with the added bonus of being reversible which offers many advantages over a traditional forward facing tractor.  

Because of the spacing, and special conditions found in vineyards, orchards, and nurseries, traditional row crop implements won’t always work.  Mowing, tilling, and spraying equipment built for these types of operations are often necessary to save time and money.

For tillage in a vineyard or orchard we offer the 3 in 1 soil conditioner which has a heavy duty “S” tine cultivator on the front with a spring mounted spike bar behind it and a crumbler roller on the back.  The 3 in 1 is available in 4 ft up to 15 ft widths, and horsepower requirements from 14 to 100.  

Spraying in a vineyard or orchard is very important, but if you are using the wrong equipment, you can waste a lot of money.  The Jacto airblast sprayer is designed to reduce drift, and dripping.  Letting your agrochemicals blow away into the wind wastes time and money.  Save time, fuel, chemicals, water and money with the right tools.

When working in all row crops especially orchards and vineyards, where there are rows of grass between each row of crops, you don’t want to spend money fertilizing the grass.  Not only is it a waste of fertilizer but will also increase the amount of time spent mowing, and also increase compaction in your rows caused by the excessive mowing.  Using a banding spreader from Eurospand to fertilize will save you time and money. Eurospand spreaders are high precision spreaders that can be used for banding or full-field broadcast spreading.