Pazzaglia tree diggers are reliable, powerful, and compact machines.  Because of their high quality, constant improvement, and innovative designs, Pazzaglia continues to set the international standard for nursery diggers.  The Pazzaglia machines are very narrow machines to allow smaller row spacing, and because of the adaptable design of the machines a single machine can replace a large number of tree spades. 
All Pazzaglia Vibratory digging machines use the same basic design from the compact FZ-50 to the 5 ton FZ-200.  Every machine comes with a rubber mounted chassis to protect the operator from the high speed vibration of the digging head.  The vibrators and hydraulic systems are tuned to each machines needs to help make them operate as efficiently as possible.  All of the FZ diggers use a very high frequency vibration to cut through the soil and roots as quickly as possible.  The high frequency vibration allows the blade to cut quickly without shifting the roots or breaking up the rootball.  Pazzaglia makes blades for the FZ machines from as small as 8 inches, up to 80 inches.

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