Jacto sprayers

Jacto Sprayers

Jacto has a large line of agricultural sprayers with both three point hitch mounted and trailer pulled models.  They offer air-blast, cannon, and air-assist models.

Airblast Sprayers

Jacto Airblast sprayers for orchards, vineyards, berries, Christmas trees, nurseries, and citrus groves are unsurpassed for coverage and easy maintenance. They utilize the world’s finest ceramic cylinder high-pressure piston pumps, combined with our own control valves for the most efficient operation. All models are equipped with flip-over nozzles for quick changes of application rates. Jacto fans are individually tailored to the specific model needs. They are equipped with variable pitch, fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades, and a clutch with a lockout mechanism so the fan can be turned off during filling, mixing, and hand-spraying.  They offer eight basic models (three 3-point hitch; and five trailed models) that can be configured over twenty different ways 

Cannon Sprayers

Jacto Cannon sprayers provide total protection for many crops. They are ideal for most wide-swath spray applications including vegetables, nurseries, berries, Christmas trees, and other crops. They can also be used for application of herbicides on pastures, as well as desiccants and defoliants on mechanically harvested crops such as cotton. They are extremely effective for fly control in poultry, dairy, and feedlot operations. The spray solution is delivered to the crop by a high-pressure air stream with fine droplets. This results in extraordinary penetration into the densest foliage. Jacto Cannon sprayers can cut your spraying time by up to 75% and your chemical usage by 50% or more over hand spraying! There are eight three-point hitch models, and one trailer-mounted model to choose from.

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Air Assist Sprayers

Jacto offers air-assist Vortex boom sprayers in 3-point hitch and trailer versions with up to 800 gallon capacity,and up to 60 foot booms. Air-assist boom technology offers unsurpassed coverage and crop protection while reducing drift by up to 70%. Vortex boom sprayers cover twice the area of conventional sprayers by dramatically increasing the efficiency of spray solution delivery to the target crop.

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