Damcon Nursery Equipment


Damcon BV is a Dutch company that offers a full line of nursery equipment from planting to harvesting. They have been manufacturing nursery equipment since 1970. 

 Tree Planting Machines

Damcon makes five different size tree planters.  From the smallest single row PL10 to the large PL90 or 4 row PL10 they have a planter for every type of operation.  The simple rugged design of these machines makes them cheap to operate and very reliable.


The PL10 is the smallest planting machine Damcon makes.  Available as a 1, 2, 3, or 4 row machine with variable row spacing.  Designed for planting rootstocks, whips, and small conifers.


The PL 30-90 tree planters are the largest planting machines available from Damcon. They come equipped with a digging mechanism and can handle 4-12″ diameter trees depending on model.


Pruning platforms

Damcon self-propelled pruning platforms are available in a wide range of maximum lifting heights and with a Diesel, gas, or electric motor.  Maximum lifting heights range from 7 ft to 15 ft.


Post drill/drivers


The Damcon HSD A is designed to be mounted on a Pazzaglia FZ series digger, or a tractor.  The HSD A uses hydraulics to drive the posts into the ground.  Up to 2000 posts per day.


The HSD FZ is a post hole drill designed for use on a Pazzaglia or Holmac tree digger.  The HSD FZ can be ordered with an optional post rack.  Up to 4000 posts per day.


The HSD I is designed to mount on a Damcon PL40 tree planter.  The HSD I can be ordered with an optional post rack.  Up to 4000 posts per day.

High clearance tractors

Damcon MultiTrike

MultiTrike High clearance tractors are designed to work multiple rows at once in 30”-98” row spacing, without damaging crops. These innovative three wheeled tractors are available with three different motor options.