Basrijs is a small Dutch company that manufactures specialty planters for planting vegetable plants, fruit trees, and tree nursery stock.  The design of the planters allows them to be built in almost any configuration of row spacing, and row quantity.
The Basrijs disk planter is an extremely accurate way to control plant spacing.  Whether you are planning on using GPS guidance in your nursery, or want to improve the productivity of your land.  The Basrijs planter uses a pair of flexible disks to hold the plants and place them in the ground.  This method of holding the plants allows you to plant almost any type of plant with any type of root system without damaging it. The planter can plant up to 15 cm (6″) deep

These planters use hydraulic pressure from the tractor metered by a ground driven wheel to control the speed of the planting discs.  This drive system allows extremely accurate control of plant spacing as close as 8 cm (3 1/4 “)

Basrijs planters can be built to almost any specification. Please call with your needs and we can help you figure out the best option for you.  These planters can be used to plant rows as narrow as 25cm (10″)