Ferri Mowers

Ferri Has been in Business since 1844 manufacturing agricultural equipment before turning to mowers in the 1970s.  Using the latest production and finishing methods helps them ensure quality and reliability in their products.

Flail mowers

Ferri Flail Mowers provide a better finish appearance than a rotary mower, and can handle running over rocks, and brush much better.  They are available in working widths from 4’1″ to 7’4″.

ME series

The ME series is designed to be used with compact tractors with at least 20-25 HP.  They mount to a Cat I three point hitch, and are available in either a 4ft or 5ft cutting width.

MT series

The MT series is available in two styles.  The MTA has a fixed three point hitch mount and the MTB uses a hydraulically operated sliding three point hitch that allows the cutter to be offset to one side.  They are available in four cutting widths from 4’7″ to 6’7″.  The smaller MT140 and MT160 use a Cat I hitch and the larger MT180 and MT200 use either Cat I or Cat II hitches.

VIP series

The VIP series is the widest mower available from Ferri at 7’4″.  The VIP88 is also available in two basic configurations, either a center mounted three point hitch or fixed offset.  The fixed offset model has the hitch mount offset 22″ from the centerline.  They require a 60-90 Hp tractor

Slope Mowers

Ferri Slope mowers utilize the same mowing heads as the basic flail mowers but with mounts that allow the mower to be offset completely to the right side and tilt up and down to mow on slopes where a drag behind mower can’t go.  The mower head can be positioned either behind the tractor or offset completely to the right side and can tilt from completely vertical up to 50°down to accommodate almost any slope.

ZME series

The ZME series is based on the ME series and can be operated by a compact tractor with 20-25 Hp and a minimum weight of 2000 Lbs

ZMT series/ZMTE series

The ZMT series is based on the mid size MT series flail mower.  They are available in three sizes, and mount to Cat II hitches. 
The ZMTE series is an extra reach version of the ZMT series.  They allow an extra foot of offset over the ZMT.  

ZT series/ZTE series

The ZT series is based on the VIP series heavy flail mower.
The ZTE series is an extra reach version of the ZT series.  They allow an extra foot of offset over the ZT.

Boom Mowers

The Ferri Boom mowers come in a variety of sizes and reaches to meet your needs.  They are designed to reach almost anywhere while your tractor stays safely on level ground.

TA series

The TA series boom mowers are designed for use with compact tractors and offer maximum reaches of 9-11 Feet, and require a 1600 Lb tractor with at least 20Hp.

TD Series

The TD series mowers are designed for midsize tractors with 40-70 Hp.  They feature maximum reaches of 12-14 ft.

TM Farm series

The TM Farm series offers a 15 foot reach with a 47 in. cutting head.  They require a 4900 Lb tractor with 50-70 Hp.

TP Farm Series

The TP farm series mowers are designed to offer owners of midsize (70-90 Hp) tractors a longer reach.  They are available with either a 16 or 19 foot reach, and a 47 in. cutting head.

TS series

The TS series Mowers offer professional quality long reach mowers in a rear mount three point hitch package.  The TS series is available in three sizes requiring a 80-100 Hp tractor and maximum reaches of 17.5-23 feet.

TXV series

The TXV series mowers combine the convenience of a rear mount mower with the ergonomics of a mid mount.  These mowers are designed to reach forward 30° (up to 11 ft forward of it’s mount) They come with a 47 in mower head and have a max reach of 17 – 20 ft.

Vision Forward series

The Vision Forward mowers offer the forward mounted mower head on a simpler arm design with a fixed offset of 4.5 ft or 5 ft.  They are available with a maximum reach of 17-19 ft, and come with a 49 in mower head.  They require a 60-90 Hp or 90-110 Hp tractor depending on model.

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