Culter 3.0

Imants Culter en Spitmachine 48SX (1)
The Culter 3.0 from Imants is a subsoiler specifically designed to be used in tandem with a spading machine.  When mounted in front of a spading machine, the Culter 3.0 provides an additional level of tillage, further reducing any plow pan or soil compaction.  With a working depth of down to 24 inches the Culter 3.0 breakes up the soil well below the depth of a standard Imants spader.

The Culter 3.0 is built to be used with other implements.  The center of the frame has a pass through for a PTO shaft, and the Culter frame has a three point hitch with 3000 lb lift capacity built into the back of it.  This will allow it to be coupled between the tractor and a spading machine, disc harrow, rotovator, or other implement.  The Culter 3.0 is 3 meters wide (10 ft)
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