38 Series

The Imants 38 series is based off the latest design first used in the 48 series, and replaces for the 37 series.  Along with a stronger frame, the 38 series is equipped with a larger diameter harrow roller than the 37 series. A new single sided spade duplex drive chain replaces the complex duel sided drive from the 37 series for improved reliability and strength.
380C000-26 380C000-27 380C000-29
The 38 Series spader runs at 2.8 miles per hour and requires a 100 to 150 Hp tractor with a 1000 rpm PTO.  Available in a 10 ft wide model weighing 4500 lbs.  These machines can work at depths from 7-14 inches.
 The 38 series can be paired with the Culter 3.0 if a subsoiler is required.  When paired together you can work down to 24 inches and end up with a finished seed bed in one pass!