Compost Systems CMC Compost Turners

Compost Systems is an Austrian company that specializes in composting, and compost equipment.  They manufacture tractor pulled and self propelled units in multiple different sizes to fit your unique needs.  The company has been a leader in composting technology for 20 years, and they have been a major innovator in the composting industry.

Tractor Pulled Compost Turners

Compost Systems tractor pulled turners are best suited to smaller composting operations.  The pulled units are very simple and durable, and require very little maintenance.  With a compost turner you can save time, money, and fuel compared to turning rows with a loader.  A compost turner allows you to turn rows more effectively and will help you make better compost in less time.  The Compost-Systems turners are available with nozzles for irrigation or inoculant, and come mounted to an integral transport trailer.