Compost Systems CMC Compost Turners

Compost Systems is an Austrian company that specializes in Composting, and compost equipment.  They manufacture tractor pulled and self propelled units in multiple different sizes to fit your unique needs.  The company has been a leader in composting technology for 20 years, and they have been a major innovator in the composting industry.

Tractor Pulled Compost Turners


Compost Systems ST-300

Compost Systems tractor pulled turners are best suited to smaller composting operations.  The pulled units are very simple and durable, and require very little maintenance.  With a compost turner you can save time, money, and fuel compared to turning rows with a loader.  A compost turner allows you to turn rows more effectively and will help you make better compost in less time.  The Compost-Systems turners are available with nozzles for irrigation or innoculent, and come mounted to an integral transport trailer.

CMC ST230IMG_0064

The ST230 is the smallest, most affordable compost turner from Compost-Systems.  It has a 8 ft working width, and  It is designed to be pulled by a small 40hp tractor with creeper gear or hydrostatic transmission and can work up to 750Yd³/hour.


The  ST300 is the best seller from Compost-Systems.  It offers unparalleled efficiency, and reliability in a simple, rugged, and well-engineered machine.  The  ST-300 requires a minimum of 75Hp. It has a working width of 3.0m (10ft), and is capable of turning 1800Yd³/hour

CMC ST-350

The ST-350 is the largest Compost turner available through Compost-Systems.  With a 13 X 5.5 ft working area the ST-350 can work large windrows up to 1600Yd³/hr.  The ST-350 is built utilizing the same proven design as the smaller ST series turners, but much bigger, It requires a 100 Hp+ tractor to run.


fendt-5 (1)The TracTurn is designed to save space by not requiring alleys between windrows. It not only turns the compost but also has a conveyor that moves the compost to the side. The TracTurn requires a 240Hp tractor with a reversible driver position. They are towable for easy transportation. Maximum windrow width is 3.7M (12 ft) and Maximum height is 2.3M (7.5 ft)


Self Propelled Compost Turners

Compost systems self propelled turners are designed for use in larger operations or for use where a suitable tractor is not available.  Another advantage is less space between windrows because you don’t need to leave a dead row for a tractor.



The SF200 is a light duty electric powered compost turner designed for small operations where space, noise constraints, and emissions restrictions limit the use of larger machines.  The SF200 has a working width of 7 ft. and can turn up to 400 Yd³/hour.  A 220V 3 phase power source is required.


The SF300MD is a heavy duty diesel powered compost turner.  It comes with a 130 Hp Turbo Diesel engine, and has a working width of 3.7m (12ft).  The SF300MD is capable of turning 1308 Yd³/hour