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Soil, Turf, And Tree Services

Autrusa Turf Services offers the Mid-Atlantic region a complete range of compost, soil, and turf services utilizing our specialized equipment and knowledgeable operators.  Serving the area since 1993, we provide practical and cost-effective solutions for golf courses, sports fields, school districts, equestrian operations, and other facilities.

Our program includes

  • Rotary Decompaction
  • Spike Aeration
  • Power Core Aeration
  • Compost & Lime Top Dressing
  • Overseeding
  • Pasture and brush mowing
  • Soil spading for turf renovation and nursery bed preparation
  • Deep spading down to 36″ for soil remediation


Rotary Decompaction

 The Imants shockwave Rotary decompactor uses long blades to cut deep into the soil and the side to side oscillation of the blades to loosen the soil.  This improves drainage, aeration, and root growth.

Spike Aeration

 Spike aeration offers the option of aeration without the mess of a core aerator.

Power Core Aeration 

 Core Aeration is a more effective method of aerating your soil than spike aeration.  The coring aerator punches a series of holes in the soil that allow oxygen and water to the roots of the grass.  this is especially useful on sports fields and high traffic areas that get compacted.

Compost & Lime Top Dressing

Composting and liming help replenish nutrients in the soil, and help get poor soil into shape for seeding.




Overseeding will help keep your grass thick and healthy by replenishing dying grass which helps suppress weeds.

Pasture and brush mowing

Cut down that tall grass and small brush to keep weeds and pests at bay.  Our Flail mowers can cut through just about any grass or brush up to about four feet tall

Forestry Clearing

We can clear unwanted trees, and heavy under brush.  Whether you want to remove a hedge row, enlarge a clearing, or clear roadside brush, The Forestry mower can cut through most brush and trees up to approximately 10 inches.

Soil spading for turf renovation and nursery bed preparation

Spading plows are an efficient single pass soil preparation tool that can work the soil down 8-14 inches.  The spader has a power harrow on the back that breaks up dirt clods and leaves a smooth surface ready for planting.

Deep spading down to 36″ for soil remediation

Deep spading is good for breaking up hard layers of soil below the surface that may restrict the root growth depth of plants.  It is also a good way to mix sand, lime, and other additives into the soil before planting.

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