57 and 58 Series

57sx seriesThe 57 and 58 Series spading machines are the Heaviest and fastest spaders designed for normal agricultural work. Designed for tractors in the 200-350 hp range, available in 10 and 15 ft working widths.  The 57 Series Comes standard with power harrow and operates on 1000 PTO, while the 58 series is equipped with a ground driven roller.  These spaders have an average working speed of over 5 mph @ 10-14” working depth and are suited for larger-sized operations.   The 15-foot model will work approximately 9.4 acres per hour.  Both models can be ordered with either a Three point hitch mount or as a towed trailer mounted unit.  

Main tillage and seedbed preparation, possibly in combination with a planting machine, can now be done in one single pass covering unprecedented large acreage.  These large spaders highlight the well known advantages of spading  such as mixing the soil thoroughly, improved water management, breaking up the plow pan and improving the effective use of fertilizer more than ever before.  

The 58 Series spading machines come with a choice of ground driven rear rollers. A cage roller, or a prisma roller depending on your application.
prisma roller